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Stay one step ahead with a turnkey solution that helps you capture actionable insights, improve decision-making and explore the potential of workspace.

Milesight CoWork Smart Office Solution
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Corporate Carbon Footprint

The Corporate Carbon Footprint includes all direct or indirect emissions that are influenced by a company’s activities.
Milesight’s CoWork Solution helps indirectly reduce CO₂ emission by saving energy.

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CoWork Kit

Based on LoRaWAN® & AI Technology

Milesight CoWork Smart Office Kit

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Milesight VS121 AI Workplace Sensor

AI Workplace Sensor
• People Counting & Utilization & Occupancy
• >95% Recognition Rate
• 100% Private & Anonymous
• 78m² Coverage

Milesight CoWork WS301 Magnetic Contact Switch

Magnetic Contact Switch
• Window/Door Open/Close Monitoring
• Ultra-low Power Consumption
• 4 Years Battery Life (30 Times per Day)

Milesight CoWork WS101 Smart Button

Smart Button
• Timely Alert/Call
• Multiple Press Actions (Single, Double & Long)
• 5 Years Battery Life (Press 10 Times per Day)
• Easy Configuration (via NFC)

Milesight CoWork Smart Portable Socket

Portable Socket
• Energy Saving/Electricity Statistics
• Remote Control & Auto On/Off
• Overcurrent Protection/Alarm

Milesight CoWork WS202 PIR & Light Sensor

PIR & Light Sensor
• Light-Assistant Human Presence Detection
• Presence Detection Distance: 10m
• 3 Years Battery Life (30 Times per Day)

Milesight CoWork UG65 LoRaWAN Gateway

UG65 LoRaWAN® Gateway
• Up to 2000 Nodes
• Over 2 km Radio Communication Range
• Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi

Milesight IoT Cloud

Milesight IoT Cloud
• Field Data Visualization
• Remote Monitoring & Control
• Real-Time Alerts
• 1-Year for Free

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