LoRaWAN® Agricultural Monitoring

Node-to-app Starter Kit

Pain Points

Time-and-volume-based farming strategy results in resource excess or insufficiency
Great manpower requirement
Wire monitoring system has difficulties
in installation and troubleshooting
Deep concern about device
compatibility and scalability

Introduction to Starter Kit

To meet the need for smart agriculture, Milesight designs a LoRaWAN® Agricultural Monitoring Node-to-App Starter Kit. It aims to simplify the process of remote monitoring, build a data-driven and insightful farming strategy and help farmers earn more money. Milesight offers whole solutions including several agriculture sensors: ambient temperature and humidity sensor, soil electrical conductivity, temperature and moisture sensor, light sensor; LoRaWAN® gateway which can cover the whole farm and connect to hundreds of sensors; LoRaWAN® controller which uses relay output to control equipment such as pump and fan; and Milesight IoT Cloud which is forever free to use. In addition, the kit offers 1-year free Milesight IoT Cloud standard subscription. Read Solution.


Milesight IoT Cloud >>

  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Auto Control


Manpower Reduction &
Labor Effectiveness Raising

Reduction of Resources Waste

Production Enhancement

Lowered Operation Costs

Profit Increase



Datasheet Pic

Product Info

Download the datasheet for an overview of the agriculture kit.

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