Ambience Monitoring Sensors

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– Motion
– Humidity
– Temperature
– Light
– CO2
– Barometric Pressure

Anti Covid-19

Improve the ventilation conditions to reduce the risk of coronavirus by monitor the key air parameters

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Indoor air quality is all the more important as COVID-19
pandemic continues, check here to learn more.

Milesight AM100 Series consists of multiple smart sensors that are built specifically for indoor ambient measurements. It has a clean and modern design that makes it discrete in indoor ambience.


Multiple Sensors in One


E-Ink Screen Display

220 × 220_configuring-via-nfc

Configuring via NFC >>>

220 × 220_aa-battery-powered

AA Battery Powered >>>

220 × 220_charging-via-usbd

Powered via USB

142 × 127_temperature

Temperature & Humidity

Monitor and display real-time environmental temperature and humidity data

142 × 127_motion

Motion (PIR)

Detect the presence of people and monitor the activity wthin a certain area

142 × 127_light


Acquire the real-time luminance data and check the lighting status

142 × 127_co2


Acquire CO2 concentration data to help people respond to indoor air quality problems

142 × 127_tvoc


Monitoring ambient air level of VOCs and thus better air quality

142 × 127_barometric-pressure

Barometric Pressure

Measure and record barometric pressure data

Cloud Web & APP

Cloud Web & APP:

AM100 Series Sensor works perfectly with Milesight IoT Cloud (Web & App), which allows you to monitor your data in the office or on the go. With a drag-and-drop experience, Milesight IoT Cloud provides rich features such as intuitive widgets, triggers, sharing and transfer ownership of devices, layers, etc.

Simple and Easy to Use,
the device can be quickly configured through NFC

Turn on NFCTurn on NFC and attach
the sensor to the NFC area
Configure your sensorConfigure your sensor


Tx Power20dBm
Sensitivity-147dBm @300bps
Power Supply2 × alkaline AA batteries
Battery Lifetime1 year (SF7)
0.9 year (SF12)
1.5 years (SF7)
1.2 years (SF12)
TemperatureRange-20°C to + 70°C (operating temperature for screen: 0-45°C)
Accuracy±0.3°C (0°C – 70°C), ±0.6°C (-40°C – 0°C)
HumidityRange0% to 100% RH
Accuracy±3% RH (10% – 90%), ±5% RH (0% – 10%, 90% – 100%)
PIRDetection Area94 ° Horizontal, 82 ° Vertical
Detection Distance5 m
LightRange60000 lux (Visible + IR, IR)
CO2Range400 – 5000 ppmN/A
Accuracy±30 ppm or ±3 % of reading
TVOCRange0 – 60000 ppb (total VOC)
Accuracy±15 % of reading
Long-term Stability1.3 % accuracy drift per year
Barometric PressureRange300 – 1100 hPa (-40°C – 85°C)
Accuracy±1 hPa

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