Milesight 10th Anniversary Campaign

May 10, 2021, Xiamen, China – At the end of last year, the three companies of Milesight IoT (formerly Ursalink), Milesight and Yeastar were consolidated as Milesight to strengthen its offerings and deliver ground-breaking innovation that requires visionary thinking to our customers. Concentrating our attention on the traditional security over the last 10 years, now we are walking towards a smarter and more connected world which is full of AIoT, a state-of-the-art technology of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, to supply broader possibilities to the world. On the occasion of Milesight 10th anniversary, we launch a campaign named “BEYOND” for the purpose of giving back to the customers who are always supporting us and make a positive progress together with you in AIoT world.

This campaign consists of two main activities, AIoT Solution Trial and online Virtual Event — CONNECT. During the events, many surprises and gifts will be awaiting.

AIoT Solution Trial

Its feature of “Buy One, Get One” is so lucrative that you can test, verify and upgrade your existing solution easier. For the products of Milesight, an AI camera is here for you to deploy, which will offer you a number of conveniences such as intelligent video analytics with better monitoring efficiency, data-driven security management decision making and so on. Besides, a UR32 Lite Router will be free for you.

For the products of Milesight IoT, there are still many benefits provided for you. For example, Smart Building Kit, one of the Milesight IoT LoRaWAN® Starter Kits, will help you explore more possibility with LoRaWAN® technology in the monitoring and measurements of buildings. The Kits’ features of maximum flexibility, higher performance and minimum cost will undoubtedly meet your demand and drive desired outcome of increased field visibility. In addition, you will gain an extra AI mini camera for free. Between the two Kits, whatever you buy, there are a good many surprises waiting for you.

CONNECT coming soon!

The online Virtual Event — CONNECT will not only enable you to learn about the upgrade of our brand and products, but also help you equip with more latest knowledge about AIoT. There are seven subjects concerning this webinar, including the introduction of AIOT Activity, AI Solution, LPR Solution, 5G AIOT IPC, Router, LoRa solution, and Cowork solution. We will offer you detailed information about AIOT industry, our company and products, which will be beneficial for you to tackle certain problems. Besides, the participation of the webinar will provide you with an access to a discounted price, which is up to 10% off.

Concentrating more attention on the AIoT (Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things), we will continue to provide more feasible solutions for our clients and build a smarter, securer and more connected world. Whether you are Milesights’ partners or new friends, we are waiting for you to join the Milesight 10th anniversary campaign together with us.

Milesight 10th Anniversary Campaign

About Milesight IoT

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