Cooperation with Jimei University

December 24, 2020, Xiamen – China, Milesight, a global IoT solution provider, announced partnerships with Huaqiao University and Jimei University to groom talents for the IoT industry. Talents are the cornerstone of enterprise development, and universities are the training place for talents. Based on the principle of jointly building a talent team, and achieving a win-win situation, Milesight partners with Huaqiao University and Jimei University to carry out school-enterprise talent training projects to instruct students together.


Rongmei Chen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Computer Science and Technology of Huaqiao University (hereinafter referred to as the School of Computer), and his entourage visited Milesight and discussed school-enterprise cooperation. Both parties will work together to train talents for the IoT industry. After the meeting, Milesight conferred the “Talent Training Base for Enterprise” to the School of Computer of Huaqiao University, and the School of Computer conferred the “Student Training Base” to Milesight correspondingly.

Cooperation with Jimei University

In the afternoon, Alan Shen, President of Milesight, visited the School of Information Engineering of Jimei University. Two parties exchanged ideas on school-enterprise cooperation and talent training. After the meeting, Milesight and the School of Information Engineering announced the joint construction of “Joint Research & Development Center for AIoT Technology” and “Scientific Research Base for Innovation and Entrepreneurship .”

Milesight firmly believes that talents are the mainstay of the future development of the country and nation. And enterprises should provide talent with space and platforms to display their gifts, exert their self-worth, and realize self-improvement. The high degree of cooperation between enterprises and schools will provide students with the greatest support for the principle of “apply what you learn.” Milesight always attaches great importance to talent training and hopes to build a bridge for school-enterprise talent training through this cooperation.


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