Smart Irrigation

Smart irrigation system is trending for it tailors watering arrangements automatically to meet specific needs, which significantly improves outdoor water use efficiencies. Smart irrigation systems can optimize water levels based on things such as soil moisture and weather predictions. This is done with moisture sensors that communicate with the PLC and help inform the system whether the landscape is in need of water.

Reservoirs Level Monitoring

As we have known, reservoir level loggers feature sensitive pressure sensors that can detect and determine the slightest of changes to water level and can send alerts to admins or operators alerting them to the situation. This means that reservoir level monitoring is commonly used in some of the following applications: Flood monitoring. Water is the most valuable resource for agriculture. Knowing the levels of the tanks, troughs and reservoirs will ensure the availability of the water you need. The accurate monitoring reduces the risk and gives you better control through this water level monitoring solution.

Digital Farming

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the quality and safety of agricultural products are attracting more and more people’s attention. Agricultural products must be safe, healthy and traceable in order to make consumers truly reassured in the modern market competition. Therefore, digital farming consisting of LoRa Technology and the Internet of Things is solving the problem over how to feed a rapidly growing population across the globe.

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