Reservoir Level Monitoring

Reservoir level turns thick and fast in the place where there has a significant amount of rainfall. The on-site checking and recording data on your notebook seems like a nuisance and quite outdated. Thus, knowing the water levels over network will give you the insights you need to make your operation smooth.

With connecting digital water level indicator to Industrial Cellular Router via RS485, you can get real-time awareness over network and environmental reporting from the data captured so as to enhance water supply planning and early warning. Further to this, the camera will also enable the overseeing capabilities for you when it establishes network connections with our products.

Industrial Cellular Router provides multiple network connections such as cellular and wired connections. It can receive the water level data of the water meter and transmit the data to the remote management platform through the network. It can also monitor the hydrological environment in real-time by connecting to the camera.

To monitor and optimize water operations, Milesight displays a huge array of new developments and possibilities for the global market place. And it’s the one you need for a better reservoir level monitoring.


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