Industrial Automation

Manufacturing Automation

The Manufacturing Automation is based on the application of the IoT technology, combined with the advanced manufacturing technology of the future, and form a new intelligent manufacturing system and use the environmental awareness of all kinds of terminal, mobile communications and other technology to industrial production of each link, which lead to increased efficiency of the manufacturing, product quality improvement, product cost and resource consumption decrease and improve traditional industry to a new stage of intelligence.


Smart Cold Storage

Milesight provides total solution of wireless connectivity for cold storage industry and helps to increase oversee quality, monitor equipment’s temperature, predict maintenance, capture real-time data and more.


Smart Checkweigher and Packing Machines

Milesight offers a highly precise and ultra-fast checkweigher solution for food packaging industry. Through the IoT-based management, manufacturers are able to achieve efficient operation and stay ahead of most issues.


Intelligent PLC Management Solution

PLCs are often applied to the industrial production in the plant. The factory could be located anywhere in the world and leaves many difficulties of management of the large scale of PLCs. To make that problem a thing of the past, Milesight offers an intelligent solution.


Boiler Control System for Plastic Manufacturing Applications

In such application, PLCs control the boiler system, and intelligent controllers are responsible for retrieving information from the boiler and subsystems. Milesight is therefore a smart helper for intelligent controllers.


Networking Solution for CNC Control Systems

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines usually work in an extreme environment where would be harsh for PCs to function properly. The Milesight industrial cellular router can help you stay ahead of the problems and bridge the gap between CNC and PCs communication by transmitting encrypted data and giving instructions via Ethernet/Cellular/Wi-Fi, so as to greatly reduce the labor of work and provide great convenience for you.


Reducing the Electricity Consumption of Electric Motor-Driven Systems (EMDSs)

EMDSs always run at full spinning speed under continuous power even when the end device requires very little, so this has led to a plenty of electricity waste. Therefore, variable-frequency drives (VFDs) have been utilized to accelerate and decelerate the spinning speed of EMDSs.


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