Networking Solution for CNC Control System

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines use programmed commands to automate machine tools in a variety of manufacturing operations. Generally, if engineers want to use CNC to run a new manufacturing program, it will require off-line development in the design room, and then manual transfer of the program to the factory floor PC using a floppy disk or USB Storage. The factory floor PC will implement the program by sending instructions to various manufacturing machines over an RS-232 interface connection. However, the environment of the factory floor is too harsh for PCs (due to high humidity, oily and dusty surroundings, and extreme temperatures), PCs in such environments will crash down frequently.

The Milesight industrial cellular router is perfectly suited for rugged environments and it is much smaller than a PC. The PC in control center establishes VPN connection with Milesight router, then it sends instructions to the CNC. Milesight router will receive the instructions through Ethernet/Cellular/Wi-Fi network and all data are encrypted during the transmission. It is no longer necessary for personnel to physically transport the program to the site, and multiple CNC machines can receive the data simultaneously.


Application Example


Benefit & Features

  • System costs are reduced by lower equipment expenses (the cost of Milesight router is much lower than a PC).
  • Time and human resources saved.
  • Changing the CNC layout when expanding is quick and easy.
  • Supports multiple encryption tunnels: DMVPN/IPsec/OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/GRE
  • Centralized feedback of the CNC’s status ensures organized and simplified maintenance.

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