As the fast-paced evolution of technology drives a diverse mode of modern businesses, streamlined communication becomes the new sexy in office workflows, especially in outdoor offices set up for short-term contracted projects, such as real estate development, geographical investigation, etc. Thus, the availability of phones and the internet are the streamlined communications tools for all.

However, on temporary sites, cables and wires are not always there. Even if the communication services are available, companies would still try not to invest time and money setting up the fixed lines and broadband, let alone spend hours or days removing what had been deployed.

Money and time just easily run away from all that.

To best tackle such problems, Milesight joins hands with Yeastar to offer a cost-efficient and highly-flexible integrated solution for outdoor office communication.



  • Broadband internet access
  • Low-cost and easy installation/setup/removal of phone systems
  • High-quality phone calls available in remote areas
  • Devices must work smoothly in an unfriendly outdoor environment (scorching hot summer/freezing cold winter)



Key Benefits

Effective Communication

Employees will be assigned with a unique extension number and call customers with a unified external company number

Quick Installation

Yeastar Cloud PBX is easy to install, update and maintain via web GUI with just a few clicks away

Easy Operation

With Linkus, all the features of a desk phone can be realized by your mobile device and desktop. You can bring your extension number with you anywhere and manage and control calls easily

Dual SIM backup

Milesight UR51 industrial router has two SIM cards slot so that customers can use SIM cards made by two different carriers in order to maintain the stability of the network connection

Value-Added Features

Milesight UR51 industrial router supports link backup and multiple VPN protocols, such as IPSec, OpenVPN, DMVPN, etc. Moreover, with rugged metal casing design, Milesight router is able to work under the extreme environment (-40°C to 70°C/ -40℉-158℉) and provider stable network.



About Milesight

At Milesight we are passionate about the connectivity of “things” to the cloud. We leverage the value of the top trending technologies that transform the world we live in and are committed to our partners who share the same passion. We believe that the complexity of data collection, storage and retrieval can be simplified into the Cloud-intelligence. Our development and distribution of these appliances and services demonstrates our commitment to the digital transformation and continues to deliver compelling connectivity for IoT world. For more information, please visit

About Yeastar

Yeastar provides cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs and VoIP gateways for SMBs and delivers Unified Communications solutions that connect co-workers and clients more efficiently. Founded in 2006, Yeastar has established itself as a global leader in the telecommunications industry with a global partner network and over 100,000 customers worldwide. Yeastar customers enjoy the flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that have been consistently recognized in the industry for high performance and innovation.