What We Concern Most

How common are school outbreaks?

Will reopen schools change risk perception?

How much fresh air is enough?

We can find a way through this crisis and get the above concerns under control.

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Fresh Air Matters

Ventilation rate plays a significant role in preventing the airborne transmission of diseases in indoor spaces.

Classrooms are a considerable challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic because of large occupancy density and mainly poor ventilation conditions.

The actual outdoor ventilation rate in a room cannot be easily measured, but it can be calculated by measuring the transient indoor CO2 level.

By assessing whether ventilation is adequate for the number of people occupying the space and identifying “poorly-ventilated” spaces, we can take predictive measure and ensure the indoor air quality.

Milesight AM107

Ambience Monitoring Sensor

withCO2 Detection

Milesight AM107 consists of multiple smart sensors that are built specifically for indoor ambience measurements. It provides accurate carbon dioxide measurement from 400 to 5000 ppm, and showing the result on an E-Ink screen.

400 ~ 5000 ppm
CO2 Measurement

AM107 Features

Air Quality Monitoring for Students in School Classroom

To reduce the risk of getting COVID-19, Milesight offers a LoRaWAN® indoor air quality monitoring solution for students and education practitioners across the educational stages.

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