Traffic Management

Growing populations come with increasing vehicles on the road and leads to greater traffic jams, longer commutes, and an even faster processing need for timely traffic data. As a result, traffic management has become a big challenge from large cities to small communities all over the world. It turns out that traffic control agencies need to update information from remote locations and take action accordingly in no time.

The Milesight cellular routers are ideal for traffic monitoring and control. Information is collected from roadside sensors, traffic controllers and IP cameras. The traffic data and video stream are sent securely to Traffic Control Center (TCC) systems such as Intelligent and Eberle Design via Milesight routers over high-speed 4G LTE links.

Information collected from sensors is analyzed along with rush-hour traffic patterns and any nearby traffic accidents. The results of this data analysis are used to automatically adjust traffic lights and optimize the traffic flow. Police cars, fire engines, ambulances and buses are connected with traffic control systems in order to get priority over other vehicles.


Application Example


Benefits & Features:

  • High-speed 3G/4G LTE network connection completes the link by connecting locations that are too difficult or expensive to reach with landline
  • Integration with the existing infrastructure to optimize investments
  • Optimizes safety and security by monitoring asset location and utilization across broad geographies
  • Milesight offers a broad array of solutions to connect different kinds of equipment, displays, sensors and legacy serial devices to gain real-time diagnostics
  • Low cost of ownership, ease of upgrading and maintenance
  • Ruggedized, mission-critical performance in extreme environments
  • Security against cyber attacks

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